IBAGS XIV update

Dear IBAGS Community, 
First of all, we would like to thank you for the very large number of abstracts submitted to the IBAGS XIV meeting!
The abstract review was completed on March 28, and all abstracts fulfilled the predetermined quality criteria in terms of thematic relevance and scientific contents. 
All abstract presenters who had opted not to be considered for a lecture session (100 abstracts) have already received an invitation to confirm their interest in presenting a poster at the meeting. 
From the abstracts asking to be considered for an oral presentation (134 abstracts), we have selected 9 top-choice candidates and 9 reserves. For these few cases, the abstract presenters are being contacted through individual e-mails. Please note that the majority of abstracts in this category will have to be presented as a poster, not as a lecture. Please be prepared to reply to an upcoming invitation to confirm whether you can do it or not. 

Confirmations by the poster presenters are very important for us to be able to plan sufficient space and presentation time for the poster sessions. 
Finally, please note that a registration to the meeting will be needed for both poster presenters and speakers. 
With best Spring wishes to all,
Angela Cenci Nilsson IBAGS President